Exotic what?


What do you think those things are up in the showroom of this place?

A tank truck

Airplane, Cow, Lobster?  Have you guessed yet?

The creator, Jesse, our guide and Jim. Jim must have said something amusing.

The head of the lion. It was hard to get pictures, because there wasn't much room up here.
The next picture will give it away, so guess now before you see it.

So, here's the inside. Now you know, right?

A camera. These are models for show. Apparently you could order anything you wanted.
There was also a chicken, a fish, a pineapple and a cocoa bean.

And a bible. This one seems like it would be popular.

Did you guess that they are coffins?

Here is the workshop. The coffin above is being made in the shape of a ceremonial stool. Each king or chief has his own stool. 
It is painted gold and he uses it for ceremonial purposes. When he dies, it is painted black and not used again.

When we were told we would visit an exotic coffin-maker's shop, I really had no idea what to expect.  It certainly wasn't this.
These coffins are quite expensive and would only be affordable to the rich.