Meg, her sister in law, Mavis and me, in front of the car that brought us here.  I'm wearing a  beaded necklace and earrings that Mavis made and gave to me.


A flower.


Our guide on our walk through the forest.


The guide carried a large machete, which he is holding in his right hand, but it's hard to see.



Jeff, Meg's husband, climbed up into this tree, which is like 3 trees that grew together at the base.


Meg and me in front of the same tree. It was dark in the forest.


A sign in the butterfly preserve.


And some real butterflies.


Another butterfly.


Another flower.


And another one.


An entrance to the guesthouse here.  The accommodations looked really nice.



Some tall trees.                                                                          A boy who worked here, Mavis and me.