Our Hotel and Beach


For the weekend and our last two days in Ghana we stayed at a very expensive, very upscale hotel with private beach access.

We had some time on our first morning, so walked down to the beach after breakfast, but the sand was too hot to walk on with bare feet. There was hardly anyone here.

We saw some boats in the ocean.

A quiet bar.

And the number one horse.

Or is it this one?

This was the private seating area for our hotel.  The beach beyond was public.

And here's the pool area.  I took this from our table that night.

The terrace restaurant in the evening. It got dark every night about 6:00.

There were very few people in the pool on Saturday, but by Sunday it was much busier.

Another shot from the terrace.

When we waked back to the beach in the afternoon, it was quite comfortable and much more crowded.

The bar in the evening.

It's hard to see, but there are lots and lots of people in the water in the distance. That is the public beach used by the Ghanaians.