LONDON - November 16-18, 2011


The Orangery outside Kensington Palace. This is a lunchroom now, where I had a delicious lunch after doing the Kensington Palace tour.

Part of the Kensington Palace Gardens

More of the Kensington Palace Gardens


The whimsical decoration above the gate goes along with the fantasy theme of the tour, The Enchanted Palace. It was a fun tour and I learned a lot about 7 different women who lived in Kensington Palace. Many of them had tragic lives.  William and Mary bought the country estate in 1689 and had Sir Christopher Wren design additions and renovations.  They were the first Monarchs to live there. Queen Victoria was born in the palace and lived there until she became queen at 18, on the death of her uncle (William IV) in 1837.

The Round Pond in the Kensington Gardens, which is part of Hyde Park. You can just see the "Giant Gherkin" in the background.

The pond was home to gulls, ducks, geese and swans.

A pretty swan all by itself.

Flowers in Hyde Park. Even though it was mid-November they were still planting flowers in the park.

And these are some perennials still blooming at the end of the season.

The Hogwarts Express! -- just sitting here in Hyde Park.

Near the British Museum.

The corner opposite the tavern above. "Fancy That of London"

Inside the atrium of the British Museum

This clothing store (All Saints Spitalfields on Portobello Road) had the largest collection of antique sewing machines that I have ever seen. This is just part of them. They lined every wall in the shop.

An antique shop on Portobello Road.

A bit of an eclectic collection of photos of London, showing none of the major attractions. 


Pictures of Westminster, Fulham and Greenwich

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