The Start of the

John Beargrease Dog Sled Marathon in Duluth, MN

Sunday January 27, 2008


The weather was perfect for the spectators-in the upper 20's, so lots of them turned out. We walked down from our house-about a 15-min. walk.

The red truck on the left says "Itiderod '2005' Race Team." You can see some sleds on top of the other trucks in the background.

"Hold still. These will keep your feet warm and dry."

A team being led into the starting gate before the race.

A sled being carried in to protect the runners from the pavement.

And they're off!

Coming 'round the first bend.

John Stetson's team.

Blake Freking. His wife Jen was also in the race, but had to withdraw due to a hand injury.

Rita Wehseler behind her team.


Each team starts with 12 dogs, but if a dog drops out it cannot be replaced.  The route takes them almost to the Canadian border, then they turn and come back down to finish just north of Duluth.

The winners are expected to arrive on Wednesday morning. They will mostly race through the night, because they prefer the cooler weather. There is a mandatory 32-hour accumulated rest time for the course. They may choose to take the rest during the daytime and race at night.