Parc de Belleville  -- Paris XXème

I visited this park on October 30, 2007. Someone in a knitting group had said it was one of her favorites and the guardian (concierge) in our building mentioned it, so I thought I should go check it out. I rode the metro about 15 minutes and walked to the park from there. It wasn't that far from us, but it would have been a very long walk.  As you can see I picked an absolutely gorgeous day for this walk.


This park is on the side of a hill. I climbed a lot of steps before I took this picture.


About 1/3 of the way up the hill.


A photo taken from the top. This is where I began to notice people in the park.


And then I noticed a film crew. Eventually I figured out all the people down there were 'extras' for whatever it was they were filming here. It may have been a children's TV show or film. I don't think I'll ever know.


Later I walked to that church, which isn't far away and was in the direction of home. You can see some of the steps in the park under that vine canopy.


Here is the star actor getting a last minute touch up.


The people here are waiting, I believe for a signal that the shoot is beginning.


At the bottom of this picture you can just see the head and shoulders of the actor. They are just starting the shoot now.

 belleville-XIe 022 9 1

The camera is rolling. The actor went into that building talked in a loud voice to the children and then everyone around started walking down these steps. The actor is in the middle talking to a little girl.


The shoot is over and folks are heading home.

belleville-XIe 029 11 1


I walked around a bit and returned to the park after everyone else had left.


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