Most of the ceilings in my house are just plain white. Painting a ceiling is hard work, so when I find decorated ceilings I like to try to photograph them. Here are some of my photos of ceilings in Paris.

 st julien le p 2 1

A rather small old church on the left bank - St Julien le Pauvre.

 st louis ceiling 3 1

I don't carry a tripod often, but if the room isn't crowded you can get shots of the ceiling by putting your camera on the floor and setting the timer.


It's hard to get the pictures centered and straight, since you can't see the screen once you put the camera down.

dome 1

Guess I like domed ceilings.


Ceiling in a church in Paris.


The same church without flash.

b3 3 1

Carved wooden ceiling in La Salle de Sully - VII Arrondissement.

c4 5 1

Ceiling in the VII arrondissement town hall wedding chapel.

e7 6 1

Ceiling in a dining room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, belonging to the French government.

vincennes 012 6 1 

Ceiling in a new wing of the Chateau de Vincennes.

vincennes 014 5 1 

Corner of same. I think the initials may be for Marie Therèse,

 f3 7 1

Ceiling of a little room used by King Charles V as an office in the Chateau de Vincennes.

vincennes 091 4 1 

Glass ceiling over the grand staircase in the town hall of Vincennes.

If this has inspired you to go rent a scaffold and paint a ceiling, then my job has been accomplished. Just send me a picture of it when you've finished.