Happy Holidays

from Our House to Yours!!!

Mantel in the living room.


I put blue and white lights and ornaments on the tree.

The mantel again.

I used LED lights under the fabric on the window sill, because they match the tree and the lights we have outdoors. They don't match the candles as well as the old lights do. I'm also trying some of those new fake candles. Still trying to make up my mind on those.


The dining room table.


Dining room window.


Close-up of the window sill. I used the copper ornaments I had from the past two years in the family room. The pink silks are new this year. The hydrangeas come from my yard. I took the swag off the rod and put it under the other stuff and hung some antique ornaments from the rod. We took the storm window off this fall and cleaned between the panes, so it is clean this year! This was the first room I did and I took these pictures before we got snow.


Miss Ophelia Rose and Miss Lily Pearl having a holiday tea. I can't think how to make this look more like Christmas. Any ideas?


I did this tree in the family room with Scandinavian ornaments this year, most of which I bought at the Scandinavian fest in September.


I painted this sleigh for my Jolly Santa, so he has a new place to sit this year.


He seems pleased with it.


The top of the tree and close-up of the straw ornaments. Three of these I bought in Poland, including the star on top and the larger ones you see here.


St. Nicholas feeding the birds out in the woods.