Kuala Lumpur  -  April 8 - 11, 2006
The Petronas Towers, designed by Cesar Pelli (1997) is the second tallest building in the world.
The tallest now (in 2006) is Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan.
The older building here was built by the British in the 1890's as a government building. The style is imported from India.
The same building from closer.
The National Mosque. A huge complex of white marble, polished granite and pools of water .
Women had to put on these big blue robes and scarves to walk up to this doorway. Tourists were not allowed inside. Men had to take off their caps. It was stifling inside that polyester robe! But the polished marble floor felt nice on bare feet. Everyone also had to take off their shoes.
This monorail was the nicest way to get around town. It was air-conditioned, not crowded and there were great views from the train.
We had a delicious dinner in this revolving restaurant. The waitresses didn't have many customers and wanted to chat and then one offered to take our picture. We actually sat facing the window, but she suggested we move for the picture. The restaurant took about an hour to make a full revolution, so when we finished the meal we were back where we started.
One of the pictures I took from the restaurant. The orange tower is one of two that are part of the Berjaya Times Square mall complex. We spent some time there because it was near our hotel and was air-conditioned. Kuala Lumpur is very hot.
The Petronas Towers from the restaurant.
This is the Kuala Lumpur Tower. We rode up to the observation deck of this one.
This photo taken from the KL Tower, shows the National Mosque - with tall minaret and blue accordion-pleated roof.  It was fun to be able to identify places we had been from up here.
Near the top right corner of this picture, you can see the round revolving restaurant on the top of a square building. Then a bit left and below it you can see our hotel. It is beige and green with windows in a T-shape. It was only 8-10 stories tall.
Across the street from our hotel.
Another street nearby.
This street, Jalan Alor, was just a block from our hotel, so we walked by here every evening. The street is lined with food vendors and was crowded every night.
The amusement park inside the Berjaya Times Square Mall. I think they should have named it the Mall of Malaysia. This roller-coaster is way bigger than the one at the Mall of America.
The park near the Petronas Twin Towers - called Kuala Lumpur City Center.
Night shot of the Twin Towers.
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