Looking up

Here's a collection of pictures I took looking up at some of the monuments and buildings in Paris.


Most of these won't need any captions. This of course is the west facade of  Notre Dame de Paris.


This is Notre Dame again from the side.  They say the fellow on top of the pile of saints is the architect admiring his work.


La Sainte Chapelle, near Notre Dame on the Ile de la Cité. This chapel is inside the police district enclosure, so you really can't take a picture from farther back. If you missed the interior shots of this one they are on the Ile de la Cité page.



Sacré Coeur on top of Mont Martre overlooking the city.


You may never have heard of this one. This is Notre Dame de la Croix in the 20th arrondissement in the northeast part of the city, not far from Père Lachaise cemetery.

Okay the rest you can guess. 

Did you guess the obelisk in the Place de la Concorde?

The inside-out Centre Georges Pompidou- Paris' modern art museum.

Do you know this one? For more pictures of this building see this page.  This is the new (1995) National Library - The Bibliotèque François Mitterand.

Is your neck sore yet?  I hope not.

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