Rome April 21, 2006
We were only in Rome for 2 hours.  We took the train from Pisa to Rome and then out to our hotel which was by the airport. When we got there we found they had a shuttle that went into the city center every 2 hours, so we took it into the city, spent 2 hours there and rode back to the hotel.
The bus brought us to this part of Rome, near the Roman forum.
I didn't know this was such a big area. We walked through these Roman ruins.
Old buildings, tombs, columns, arches...
...and more arches.
The line to get into the Coliseum was very long, so we just admired it from the outside and hope to get back here some day to see the inside.
The next morning we flew home by way of Amsterdam and Detroit, making our circuit of the globe complete.
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