Shanghai --  April 5 - 8, 2006
Shanghai is a busy port.  There are constantly ships and barges going up and down the river. The area shown in the background, called Pudong was a swamp 15 years ago. The tower with the pink balls is called the Pearl Tower. We rode an elevator to the observation floor.
This is Nanjing Street--a pedestrian shopping area in the center of Shanghai.
Nanjing Street was very close to our hotel, so we walked here every evening.  It was always busy.
The reflection here is in a polished granite wall. The square in the foreground has curvy lines in it that were lit from below and changed colors.
Some of these buildings were built by the French and British in the 19th century. They are now dwarfed by the new buildings.
This is called People's Park, in the center of the city. Residents come here to exercise, play, relax.
The Yuyuan  teahouse is in the middle of a lake. You approach it by way of two zig-zag bridges. Some say this teahouse and the bridge are the inspiration for the building in the blue willow plate pattern.
I spent a couple hours in these lovely, peaceful gardens.
Dragons above a gate in the gardens.
Another view of the Yuyuan Gardens....
...and another.
Shanghai still has some streets like this, but they are fast being replaced by sky-scrapers.
A spice shop in the street above.
The courtyard of a Buddhist temple.
"Little Europe" or "Frenchtown" in Shanghai. This is a new area in the part of old Shanghai settled by the French.
Another cafe in the same area. This really is in Shanghai, though you'd never guess that from the picture, would you?
The Shanghai Museum in the People's Park is full of wonderful Chinese antiques. This is one example - a very old jade vase.
One more picture of Nanjing Street near our hotel.
Pictures of Beijing.
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