Two Chteaux.


My map indicated a chteau not far out of town.  I decided to try to find it one day and came upon this lovely place.  The gate was open, so I walked in. Above you see the small chapel. This chteau is surrounded by apple orchards.

Here is the house.  It looks like part of the lower level is occupied.  I noticed the dog house in the corner.  I didn't see anyone here. There are no signs, but I wonder if they get a tax break if they keep it open to the public?  I don't know where to find this information, but will continue to try to find out.

A couple weeks later, I was out walking on a different road and found this beautiful garden. Again the gate was open, so I walked in and wandered around.

There was another small chapel.

And here is the house.

Some vines covering a wall.

This one had its own lake with two or three bridges.

And an island.

This looks like a canal, but it doesn't go anywhere.

Looking back across the bridge to the house again. The chapel is on the right.

The back of the house.

A gate at the back. There were some outbuildings that seemed to have recently been refurbished. I wondered if they were fixing this place up to open it as a tourist attraction, but I really have no idea. There was no one here when I was.

  This is the road that leads back to the main road.  The gate I first entered is ahead on the right.

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