Dubai - April 15, 2006
We were only in Dubai for one day, but we packed a lot into that day.
As we were walking by these boats one of the drivers approached us and offered to take us up and down the creek for 50 dh, so we accepted his offer.
They call this body of water, that splits Dubai in two "The Creek."  "River" would be more accurate, but it is called "the Creek." I believe these are cargo boats.
The building on the right is the Bank of Dubai.
As we were going past the bank, I suddenly realized that was our reflection, so I quickly snapped a picture before we went out of view.
The lower part of the building and another old boat.
And one more picture of the same buildings. Our hotel was in this area, but was an older, shorter building.
This is the same type boat that we were on. I don't know if these guys were tourists or not. One of them had a video camera and was filming us in our boat.
A beautifully painted dome.
Dubai has some old "souks"-markets where they have sold and traded all kinds of goods for many years. We were in the old spice souk, but I didn't get pictures. This is a modern version. I think they are converting the old ones to look more like this. There was a lot of construction going on in the one we were in.
Probably about a quarter of the men we saw on the streets wore these long white shirts with white head scarves. We saw a fancy men's shop in a mall that sold only these shirts and the scarves. I'm sure there's another name for them. We also saw many women dressed in black burkas and saw a shop selling only those. Some of them were very elaborately decorated with gold and various designs. I didn't feel comfortable photographing the women's clothing.
The Grand Mosque.
A group of Indian women in saris walking past the mosque.
This is the courtyard of a history museum-the Dubai Museum. A man has just entered a doorway in the far corner. That is a model of the kind of house that used to be here.
This is what is inside that doorway.
A street inside the museum. This was a fun museum, with lots of small alleys, shops, a school, and much more. There is a security guard here and another tourist in blue. The woman in black and the two men in the foreground are part of the museum exhibit and are made of clay or something.
This camel is not real and my expression is because Jim was having trouble with the camera and I was afraid something was wrong with it. I wasn't really afraid of the stuffed camel.
We spent much of the afternoon in a huge air-conditioned mall. I didn't take pictures there, because it looked so much like malls in America. Later we went up to the roof of our hotel and found it to be very comfortable up there, so we ordered drinks and sat and enjoyed the view, but I didn't have my camera with me. One of the few times I didn't carry it with me. This picture was taken from our room. You can see another pretty mosque, part of a mall and more restaurants.
We asked at our hotel for a restaurant serving Arabic food and were directed to this Lebanese restaurant, just 2 blocks away. Every table had these large bowls of produce. I wondered what those people had ordered, but then we got one too. I can't call it a salad unless it's a DIY salad. It had a whole head of lettuce and whole vegetables and lemons in it. I saw some people had carrot sticks in theirs and were eating them, but ours didn't have anything cut up in it. They also brought us a dish of olives and one of pickled vegetables.
So those are the pictures I got of Dubai.
The next morning we headed out very early for Rome and then Florence.
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