Ghana --  Oct. 21-25, 2009

    Jim went to Ghana to talk with some people at the KNUST University in Kumasi.  I went along to ....well just to go I always do. We flew into Accra, Ghana's capitol, and spent the first day staying at the KNUST Guesthouse in Accra. The next morning we left early to fly to Kumasi.  In Kumasi I was shown around by a PhD student of one of Jim's Colleagues here. Her husband is Ghanaian and he went with us to show me some of Kumasi. It was an interesting visit.  We went to a park, saw craftspeople dying cloth, sewing and carving wood. Then we went to the very large central market in Kumasi.  You can see the pictures here.  Kumasi   The next day they picked me up again and this time drove to a forest and butterfly preserve.  We went for a walk in the forest and saw the butterfly garden and guesthouses there. Those pictures are here.  Forest

    That night Jim and I returned to Accra and this time went to the posh La Badi Beach Hotel on the ocean. We had signed up with a tour company to take us around Accra on the weekend. They took us to see some of the sights in Accra. Then they took us to Kokrobite Beach resort  and this exotic place.  finally here are pictures of our hotel, where we chilled out in between visiting the other places.

    And here is a geotrack path of one of our days in Accra. Triptracks  That site will show you where we were on a Google map with map points for some of my pictures. The pictures are on top of one another until you zoom in to separate them. You can see each picture by clicking on the map points. You can use either the map view or satellite view, just as you can with google maps. It works just like Google maps, but has my data superimposed on  it.

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