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Here are two patterns I've written for 18" or American girl dolls.    

A Very easy Pull-over with variations:

The basic pattern is written for a plain pull-over, which has buttons on one shoulder, so you can get it over the doll's head. I have also done some variations on the plain pull-over, which are included with the pattern. The first photo shows the pull-over with a simple 6-stitch cable in the center front. 

A Very Easy Cardigan:

The next photo is of a cardigan and shell twin set. The shell is just the plain pullover without sleeves. This cardigan is done much the same way as the pull-over. The body is knitted in one piece, to keep the finishing to a minimum. I don't like to pick up stitches, so my patterns are written with very few picked up stitches. I use a 3-needle bind off for the shoulders and I describe how to do this in the pattern.

These are both pdf files.  So far they have been downloaded and knit by many other knitters. A few have e-mailed me with questions, but there don't seem to be major mistakes in them. If you do find something you think I should fix, or have problems with them, let me know. I'll try to fix the mistake or help you out. My patterns are written for someone with a little knowledge of knitting, but I would hope some young girls might want to try knitting these for their dolls, so I have tried to write them out explicitly. I hope this doesn't cause undue confusion for experienced knitters. When I first learned to knit I knit doll clothes. They make a good beginner project because they don't take long to finish or require that much yarn.


This sweater is knitted in a soft variegated yarn with a center cable

Click here to download the pattern for the pull-over with variations.


Click here to download the pattern for this cardigan.

If you have tried one of these patterns I'd love to hear from you. If you've come here and decided these are not for you I'd like to hear about that too. 

Wherever you go, there you are.