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My son gave me a Gisteq PhotoTrackr for Christmas 2009. The little device records GPS information when I carry it around with me.  If the time on my camera is set properly, the photos I take while carrying the device can be matched up to my location. The software that came with the device puts it all together and makes a web page out of it using Google maps.

I'm going to make an index for these pages on this page.  The webpages have many of the features of Google Maps, so you can zoom in and out and switch between satellite or map view as you can on Google Maps.

May 2009:

Wroclaw - May 19:  Jim and I walked around the town center, then Jim returned to the hotel and I walked some more; then I returned to the hotel and we both went out together to meet some of his collegues for dinner at a restaurant that was very close to where I had been walking before. There are very few shots of people in this set. It's mostly buildings and some statues in Wroclaw town center.

Wroclaw - May 20:  I walked to the Botanical Garden in Wroclaw, which is one of the nicest I've seen. All the plants are well labeled and the garden is beautiful. There are just a few pictures taken before I got there and the rest are of the garden.

Rome - May 29: We set out from our apartment, north of the city center, in the morning and visited the Castel San Angelo first, then walked across the pedestrian bridge and east up the street that leads to the Spanish Steps with a church at the top. Then we took a subway South, where we had lunch and visited the Basilica of San Giovanni in Lateran; then we walked further south to the Baths of Caracalla. These photos are bunched together in the various locations, so you will need to zoom in to separate them if you want to see all of them. Some of the track doesn't show up here.

Wherever you go, there you are.