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This page gets neglected most of the time.  But we did make a trip to Hawaii in February, 2011, and I did finally get a web page built and now am finally getting it uploaded. 

Here is a link to those pictures from:  Hawaii - The Big Island.

Pacific Ocean from Hawaii coast.

Summer 2010 saw a fleet of  9 tall ships from around the world here in Duluth. We went down to see them and to see the musical Pirates of Penzance put on that weekend.  It was a gorgeous evening and a fun outing. Here are a few pictures:   Tallships in Duluth, August 2010








Tall ships in Duluth's harbor


Here is a page of pictures from a trip in 2005: 
Washington, Montana and Yellowstone

Lupin blooming in the Yakima Botanical Garden.

And here's a page of pictures of the snow and skiing we did around Duluth during the Christmas Holidays in 2007.

Ski trail in Hartley park, Duluth


In January the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon takes place  in Northern Minnesota. Some years it starts just half a mile from our house so we walked down there to see the start of the race in 2008. Some of the entrants go on to do the Iditerod in Alaska later.

John Beargrease Sled dog race - 2008.