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In September, 2010 We visited Kazakhstan.

This year my son spent 9 weeks working in Taiwan.  I visited him there in April, 2010.  My photos from that visit can be found here: TaipeiAround TaipeiTaroko Gorge National Park.

In 2009 We visited Ankara, Turkey. And from there we visited the village of Beypazari.

In April, 2008 Jim and I made a short visit to South Korea .  There are three pages for this visit, including some pictures taken in Seoul and Chuncheon a bit north of Seoul.

We've been to Japan three times and our trip around the world started in China, so those are the pictures I have linked here.  Follow the links beneath the photos below to find the story and pictures for each visit. For now it would be best if you didn't follow the "back to index or home page" links. Those could be confusing. 



Visit to Osaka - Feb. 2007



We visited Osaka, Japan in February, 2007. We had wonderful weather and a very nice visit. If you follow this link, there are links at the bottom of the page to more pages of Osaka and Kyoto pictures.



River in Shikoku
Shikoku Island



In 2004, one of my cousins was living in Japan. I was lucky to be able to visit her and her family on the island of Shikoku.



Shinjuku, Tokyo



On that same trip to Japan in 2004 Jim and I also visited Tokyo.



Lions in front of temple
Beijing, china -- 2006



In 2006 we went around the world stopping first in Beijing. these pages link to one-another, so you can follow the trip without coming back to this page.



Ceci and truck in Pakistan



We visited a University in Quetta, Pakistan. That was in interesting stop. We didn't walk around the city, because of security reasons, so my pictures are of the hotel and university and some wonderful people we met there.



Kuala Lumpur
Colonial architecture in Kuala Lumpur



We spent a weekend in Kuala Lumpur on our way around the world.



Shanghai teahouse
Teahouse in Shanghai



Shanghai was still a mix of new and old when we visited in 2006.






We spent the next weekend of our trip around the world in Dubai. It was very hot, but also very interesting.


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