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          I love Europe. It feels enough like home to be comfortable and is different enough that it's always interesting, exciting or just fun. Even though there are many different languages spoken throughout Europe, they mostly use the alphabet I'm familiar with, so I can sort of sound things out or at least write down names of places and find them on a map.

     I was organizing this page by region, but that makes it hard to find the newer pages, so I'm going to start adding the new pages at the top.  For our pictures of Normandy, you need to go to the "France" page, linked at left.

Szklarka National Park in the mountains of Poland: September 8, 2010  Jim attended a meeting here and I went for a couple hikes in the park.

Prague page 1  and  page 2:   Sept 10-11 and 17-18, 2010  We spent two weekends in Prague before and after our trip to Kazakhstan.

Almaty, Kazakhstan  Sept 12-13 , 2010, and

Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan September 14-16, 2010

Yeah, I guess those last two are in Asia, but we got there by going through Europe. I think they actually call it Eurasia, but I'm not adding a new page for that.

     The pages linked below only go back a few years--to about 2003--when I started doing this. I'm arranging them here geographically.  Follow the links to see the photos and descriptions, but return here using your browser's 'back' button. I haven't had a chance to update the links on all the pages.

The Netherlands.
     We lived in Holland from September through December, 1988. Everyone knows that Holland is famous for it's beautiful flowers and especially the bulbs, but during those months there's not much to see above ground in the bulb fields. We returned to Holland many times after that, but it wasn't until 2004 that I finally got to go in the Spring.

Leiden and Keukenhof gardens  (April 2004)

     Then in 2006, my brother and his family lived in Utrecht and I was lucky enough to be able to visit them twice during their stay. The first time was in the fall and my sister, Kathy was there at the same time. The second time was in the spring and that time my sister, Beth's family was there, as well as my mother.

including Amersfoort, Spakenburg, Gouda, Arnhem Openluchtmuseum (September  2006)

The United Kingdom and Ireland
London  (October 2003)
 Ireland     Scotland  (June 2006)

Eastern Europe
     In June of 2004 we made a trip with friends to visit three countries in Eastern Europe.
 Vienna, Austria  Budapest, Hungary  Prague, Czech Republic

In October 2005 we went to Poland.

  Świdnica and Jawor

In 2010, we visited Poland again, where I went for a hike in the mountains,  and we spent two weekends in Prague.

Russia and Finland
     On the same trip that we visited the bulb gardens in Holland we also visited St. Petersburg and then Helsinki and Turku in Finland.
Helsinki and Turku (April 2004)

Southern Europe   
       2004 was a big travel year for us and we thought why not finish off the year with a skiing vacation in Austria with our sons. So we rented an apartment in the Alps.
Austrian and Bavarian Alps.  (December 2004)
     And on the last strectch of our around-the-world tour we stopped in Italy.
Florence    Pisa    Rome  
    We spent 2 1/2 days in Venice October 29-31, 2008

      In May 2009, we spent a week in Rome.


    Because we spent so much time there La Belle France gets it's own page.